Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sanderson Wallpaper.

If I had the guts, I'd wallpaper one wall in every room of my house in some awesome, bold design. Each room would revolve around that one print. The paint on the rest of the walls would reflect the print of choice. And if the room was small enough, the whole thing would get covered in the beautiful design.
But alas, I don't have the guts, so I'm left dreaming of wallpaper and thinking about the what ifs.

I found some new designs from wallpaper and fabric UK company Sanderson yesterday.
These are the design that make me smile... When you click on each print option though, there are different color combinations throughout the site. Enjoy!

Highlights from the brand new reissued 1950's designs of wallpaper and fabrics...

Black backdrops that I LOVE! Perfect for a small bathroom or a closet. Or a whole wall if you dare.

More that make me really happy...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Picks.... 1/26- 2/1....

Weekly Picks.... 1/26- 2/1

Sanders Bohlke with The Great Book of John and Gum at Proud Larry's on Saturday, the 29th. 
*If you haven't seen Sanders before, nows your chance. He puts on a wonderful live show. 
Show starts at 8:00 PM

Drive-By Truckers with Futurebirds at The Lyric on Friday, the 28th. 
Doors at 8:00

At University Museum at Ole Miss, from now until April 2nd, 2011, Gee's Bend Quilts will be on display. 
*The opening reception will take place on Feb. 3rd, from 5-7, but check out the show early if you have some free time this week. 

Gee’s Bend is a small rural community nestled into a curve in the Alabama River southwest of Selma, Alabama. After the Civil War, the freed slaves of Gee’s Bend founded an all-black community nearly isolated from the surrounding world.
The town’s women developed a distinctive, bold, and sophisticated quilting style based on traditional American (and African-American) quilts, but with a geometric simplicity reminiscent of Amish quilts and modern art. The women of Gee’s Bend passed their skills and aesthetic down through at least six generations to the present.

Will You be Mine?

Hello sweet Valentine's Day ideas.... All at Amelia now.
Get something special for a friend or loved one!

                                                             From Rifle Paper Co.....

                                                    From Areaware.... secret boxes....
                                                    (perfect for hiding a sweet little gift)

From Shanna Murray...

                                                          From Yellow Owl Workshop....

*All images are from the companies websites featured....

Many more ideas in the store.... 
Open Wednesday - Friday 12-5
Saturday 10-5
1006 Van Buren Ave. 
Oxford, MS 

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make Me A Linked Mixtape: Number Four

Wow! It's been far too long since I made one of these.... The holidays really put Afterschool Oxford on hold in more areas than I'd like to admit. But enough of the chatter... Let's get to it.

For those of you new to Afterschool Oxford, Make Me A Linked Mixtape is where, once a week, I give you links to older music that you may or may not have heard in the past, still influencing music today. Mostly from the 90's and early 00's and mostly from the underground indie rock/ punk rock genre.  Some songs are from records in the last few years, but by bands that have been around for much longer than that, for example Yo La Tengo. The song I put in the mix today is from 2006, but the band has been making beautiful music since 1984.

Linked Mixtape Number Four:
1. Boys Life
2. My Bloody Valentine
3. Moss Icon
4. Allen Clapp
5. Mineral
6. Texas Is The Reason
7.  Yo La Tengo
8. The Swirlies
9. Unrest
10. Her Space Holiday

Let me know what you think.... find some new music that you like and what to hear more of?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekly Picks.... 1/20- 1/25

Weekly Picks in and around the area....

The Fiber Arts Festival 
January 21st - 23rd
A weekend of fiber arts, workshops, classes and vendors. 
Brought to you by Knit 1. 
This great event will be taking place at The Powerhouse

Against Me! with Cheap Girls and Fences at The Hi-Tone in Memphis. 
Saturday, January 22nd
All ages!

The Oxford Convention and Visitors Bureau presents
 The Winter Indoor Yard Sale
January 22nd for 9Am - 1PM
at The Oxford Convention Center on Sisk Ave. and Hwy 7. 
*I went last year and it's awesome! Just get there early so you can 
find parking and not have to wait in too long of a line. 

****Personal sidenote: I am feeling so sluggish these past few weeks... dragging my feet back to work. I have been sick, so that is the main reason for the slow days and lack of even touching my computer really... BUT I am back to Amelia and ready to get the ball rolling on all things Afterschool Oxford related. Thanks for sticking with me and checking back often to see what's been going on. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

To take you into the weekend....

This has been making its way around the internet and with good reason...

Click here to download your FREE version of this great list of rules to live by...

I've been running a little slow this week since I'm still technically on vacation, so sorry I haven't been blogging much, if at all. I am still working on lots of fun new things for this here blog.... I'll be back in full swing by next Wednesday, the 19th. 
Amelia will be reopening then as well. Stop in and say hi! 

Until then....

PS... I guess I'm now an Aquarius. What's your new sign?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Hey there. I hope you are already having a wonderful new year....

Starting next week, I will be back with several exciting new things that I'm adding to
Afterschool Oxford.  I'm really excited about it, but have a lot to get in order before then.

Have a great week!!