Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scene Beat is here!

So, if you missed my post last week, I'm starting a new, weekly blog feature called Scene Beat.
A tongue and cheek twist on Teen Beat magazine. It will feature old photos and stories from my time touring on the road, fun interviews that I've compiled over the years as well as current ones, mixtapes, and more.... every week there will be a new surprise. Last week I brought you a mixtape from Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon and The Red House Painters. This week, well, enough of the talkin'... 
Let's get to it. 
Scene Beat presents Hot Water Music
Hot Water Music is the most loved band that you've never heard of. They rank high on the "list of influences" for many, many bands. Forming in 1995ish, they have made it back together from several band break-ups over the years. They were also the first band that I toured with on a regular basis, back in 2002. Here are some photos from the road...

We had a day off in Norfolk, VA. It was 2003. Turbo Negro was playing at the same venue, the night before Hot Water Music. We took advantage of the good routing and headed to the show. Before hand, Chris Wollard had the chance to get a new tattoo that night. 
These were taken in the back of the bus, in the parking lot. 

*Photos are not to be used without permission of Afterschool Oxford and Erin Austen Abbott

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