Thursday, October 20, 2011


Just a few short days away, on Saturday the 29th, we welcome the 5th Annual One Night Stand at The Ole Miss Motel!! 
This year's show is going to be so cool! The artists are seriously talented. 
I'd like to introduce one of this year's artists to you, 
Sarah Story. Here is a brief bio...

Name(s): Sarah Story
Living where: Water Valley, MS
Medium of art: oil paint
What this body of work will bring to this year's motel art show: 
My current work explores the line between reality and abstraction. I make paintings that seem abstract, but after further observation the viewer will discover a new perspective of a familiar object. They are colorful, whimsical, obsessive, (hopefully) interesting, and will look great in any home (according to my mother).
What song best describes your work, in general: 

     Paintings by Sarah Story. Do not use without permission.

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