Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make Me A Linked Mixtape: Number Five

It's Tuesday, so that means a new linked mixed tape...
From the early 90's through the present day, K Records has alway been one of those labels that I would buy music from just because it was K Records. I love their releases. In high school and college, I couldn't go to the internet and hear what the latest band to the label sounded like (the internet wasn't really around yet...thank goodness it is now though). We did however have zines to look through like Heartattack, Maximum Rock & Roll, or Punk Planet to find out about new releases. We would then mail in our well hidden cash to the label and wait 2-6 weeks for the records that we ordered to arrive. Finding a label you liked and sticking with it was important. You could pretty much always count on your favorites to not disappoint. And if you did get a new record and you weren't crazy about it, it was never hard to find a friend to make a trade with. That was the early 90's for you.

Here is my K Records mix for you! Enjoy!!

The Crabs
Heavenly (after a tragic suicide by the leading songwriter in 1996, finding a song by them was impossible. He died before the internet was a household name...They went on to be Marine Research.)
All Girl Summer Fun Band
Tiger Trap (one of my favorite songs back in the day!!)
The Softies  (Tiger Trap went on to be The Softies after they broke up... this is another one of my faves)
Built To Spill and here's one more great early song.
The Microphones (This makes it onto just about every mix tape I make)

Here are a couple newer bands that they've released records for.
Both are two of my favorites of any label...
The Blow
Little Wings
*This is just a very small amount of all the very long list of releases that K Records has.

Thrill Jockey, Jade Tree, Simple Machines and Touch and Go Records mixes are in the works....
Stay tuned in coming weeks.


  1. Such an awesome list! I'm gonna have to go down and listen to every link. Heavenly was one of my favorite bands back in the day! And one of my "claims to fame" ;) is that a band I was in back in college opened for Wolf Colonel and Calvin Johnson once.

  2. Oh! That's awesome!!! What did/do you play? I loved Heavenly. Just. So. Good.