Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make Me A Linked Mix Tape: Number Six

This week's Make Me A Linked Mix Tape continues where #3 left off.  One band formed. Then sadly ended. After that another band formed with one or several of the same players.


1. Smog
became the solo work of
2. Bill Callahan

3. Native Nod
4. The Van Pelt

5. Hated
6. Ida

7. Three Mile Pilot 
8. Boilermaker 
9. Pinback

10. Cap n' Jazz
split off to become
11. Owen
12. Joan of Arc
13. American Football
14. The Promise Ring
15. Vermont
16. Maritime
(That's a whole lot of splitting off....I didn't even list all the bands that were once Cap n' Jazz)

17. Archers of Loaf
18. Crooked Fingers

19. Mendoza Line
20. Slow Dazzle (it's only a snippet... but it's all I could find. Sorry.)

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