Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Make Me A Linked Mixtape: Number Three

Ok, so I've had way too much fun making these "mix tapes".  Here's a prime example why....

I have a lot of records. This is my record collection. I love LPs. 7"s. 10"s. I love them all. Back in the day, I would sit and make actual mix tapes all the time. This is the collection I pulled from all through college when I had a radio show in Tampa, FL. It was like making a three hour mix tape every week. I still have every show recorded, on cassette.

This weeks "tape" has a theme. Bands before we knew them today. Some of these bands I have listed before, but you might not have heard some of their other work....

So here it goes....
I linked to certain songs this time, but feel free to branch out and listen to other tracks if you want.

1. Figurine 
went on to be
2. Postal Service

3. Red Forty
went on to be
4. Lucero

5. Carissa's Wierd
went on to be by way of the drummer is the singer/guitar player in
6. Band Of Horses

7. Red House Painters
went on to be
8. Sun Kil Moon

9. Lifetime
went on to be
10. Zero Zero

11. Flake Music
went on to be
12. The Shins
then went on to be
13. Broken Bells

14. Minor Threat
went on to be
15. Fugazi

16. Chisel
went on to be
17. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists

18. Heatmiser
went on to be
19. Elliott Smith

Enjoy! I'd love to hear what you think... Find any new music that you are loving from this mix?
* Sidenote.... I took this photo in 1995. Chisel and Karate were touring together. Sharing a van. They were friends of mine and had been staying at my house on tour. I took this just before they left for their next show. That's a very young Ted Leo holding the keys in the middle.

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