Saturday, September 4, 2010

Amelia meets the Grove!!

When you are getting ready to Hotty Totty (I'm using that as a verb if you hadn't noticed)... stop by Amelia to really hit the Grove in style....

*Wooden Radios from Areaware... listen to the game or hook up an IPod. They run on batteries... you will be set. 

*Vintage glassware with caddy. Vintage pitchers to serve the cocktails... Ummm, need I say more??

*Fun cookie cutters that make cookies entertaining and that taste good!

*Great jewelry to rock with that cute dress you know you are dying to wear!! 

*From Yellow Owl Workshop, trophy vases!!! 
Show off your flowers like a champ... and make your tent feel like one as well!!!

OK, go visit Amelia. 
1006 Van Buren
at the Lyric

10- 5 on Saturdays
12-5 on Wednesday- Friday

*Pictures to follow in the next couple of weeks.... 

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