Friday, September 16, 2011

Sneak Peek: House Guest- 1999-2009

Starting in January of 1999, I started to take a Polaroid of almost every house guest that came to visit. Moving from city to city, the project moved with me. Starting in Boston on January 1st of 1999, then to Seattle, San Francisco, Memphis, New York City, Water Valley, Los Angeles, and back to Water Valley, ending December 31st 2009. Ten full years. The photos aren't perfect. The writing is messy. I wanted it to feel natural and more like a snap shot. I think I captured that. It's friends, writers, musicians, new pets, family, actors, activists and the parties in between. 

Here's a little sample of what's to come...
Los Angles, CA 2007
Water Valley, MS 2008
(the first time my now husband, Sean, ever came to visit)

Check back for more sneak peeks from this project and the launch of House Guest. 

*Each photo is the property of Erin Austen Abbott. Please do not use without written permission. Thank you.

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  1. Just saw you featured on daily candy and found your Amelia Presents site and it's so refreshing. I can see that it includes those things you love and my only wish is that it wasn't so far to oxford from chicago or I'd be a frequent visitor in that sweet space.
    Congratulations and all the best!