Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday: Scene Beat- Record Store Day 2011

Record Store Day is coming up on this Saturday, April 16th. This is the day when local record stores get all the glory over sites like itunes and Amazon.
It's also the day that all over the country, bands and musicians play intimate in-stores and rare vinyl releases come out.
Click here for the list of all the in-store performances and 
vinyl releases. My husband and I hope to order a bunch of new records from Insound on Saturday. Since we can't visit a record store here in Oxford, we would still like to support vinyl sites like Insound. 
I would love to hear about the in-stores you might see or the records you hope to buy. 

I wish we still had a record store in Oxford. Off Square Books has filled this position as best they can by selling some vinyl and cds. They also had Lou Barlow do an in-store last year which was pretty fantastic, but a full fledged record store would be wonderful! 

On another note, one of my all time favorite bands ever, Archers of Loaf, is getting back together and doing a tour. I've seen them play three times... each show would still find its way to my top 20 shows of all time. They are a wonderful band, but live is where you feel all of their energy. AH-MAZZZE-ING!

Coming in the next few weeks... Lots of Scene Beat giveaways. 
Stay tuned! 

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