Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scene Beat: Indie Rock Cribs with Lucero

Today's post is all about the (former) home of Memphis band Lucero
The whole band used to live together in a big loft, in Memphis. While they have all moved apart into their own homes, their fondness for the loft is apparent as the address is the title of their most recent record, 1372 Overton Park

Sitting above a church and a dollar store, in a corner building, the Lucero loft played host to many house shows over the years and always had a revolving door of roommates, with about seven bedrooms and a stage in the living room, you never really knew what you were going to get when you climbed the stairs to the loft.
Here, Roy Berry, drummer for Lucero, takes us on a tour of their indie rock crib....

entryway/Roy on the stage/kitchen/living room/Roy in the kitchen/ Roy's bedroom

All photos were taken by Afterschool Oxford, 
In Memphis, TN, 2007. 

*Please do not use without permission. Thank you. 

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