Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday: Scene Beat- Band Of Horses

Today's Scene Beat is all about Band of Horses, which is now on our own local label Fat Possum. Years ago, before BoH, Ben Bridwell was in a band called Carissa's Wierd. They were an amazing local band to Seattle in the late 90's early 00's. 

I lived in Seattle from 1999-2002 and became friends with Ben while playing softball together every Sunday, followed by a big group of us getting dinner and heading to the bar afterwards. It was like the pre-rock star team with members of Death Cab For Cutie, 764-Hero, Modest Mouse, Murder City Devils, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Hint Hint, Minus The Bear, and Kill Sadie, just to name a few, playing on the team, when they were still mostly unknown, underground local bands. We all did a lot together... like on nice, summer nights, we would get carloads of people to go night swimming in Lake Washington or have dinner parties at friends' homes. It was a good time. 


The first Band of Horses video was filmed at the softball field we used to play on, with a lot of the teammates in the video as well. 

And finally, Make Me A Mixtape by Ben Bridwell

"Here's my ten song mix for tonight while I'm drinking George Dickel Whiskey alone at the bar"
1. South Carolina- Archers of Loaf
2. Aids In Africa- Cass McCombs
3. Act together- Ron Wood
4. Sin City- Gram Parsons
5. Run Of The Mill- George Harrison
6. Pot Can't Call The Kettle Black- Jerry Jeff Walker
7. Just The Other Side Of Nowhere- Kris Kristofferson
8. Witchita- Gillian Welch
9. Wagon Wheel- Old Crow Medicine Show 
10. Open Your Heart- Will Oldham

*Photo by Erin Austen Abbott- Seattle, WA 2001. 
Property of Afterschool Oxford. 
Please do not use without written permission. Thanks!

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