Monday, February 7, 2011

Maps. Quilts. Maps on Quilts.

Quilting is an art. All that goes into making a quilt, some could take years to complete. 
Here in the South, quilting is something that is passed down through the generations, from grandmother to daughter, aunt to niece, and so on.  Each with their own techniques to share. 
Some quilts are made with one purpose, to keep us warm. Others are meant to be hung on the wall to display the work of art that they are. 
These are the type to be hung on a wall.... 

Leah Evans is a quilter that combines aerial photography, maps and satellite imagery into her work. 
Made without the use of computers, each of Leah's quilts are made with the tools of quilting as well as some non-traditional tools such as a compass. She was nice enough to share these images with me.
And now I would like to share them with you... 

(all images are the property of Leah Evans)
Thank you Leah for your beautiful work! 

Side note.... I went to the University Museum at Ole Miss the other day with my friend Kate to see the 
Survey of Gee's Bend Quilts. It's up until April 2nd, it's free and it is simply amazing. The quilts are hung in such a way that you can get up close and see each stitch, each scrap of fabric. Some are made from old jeans and still have some ink drawn on the knees and the pockets included. All are made from the fabric that was handy at the time. Some clearly showing the era, i.e. corduroy in the 1970's. 
I have a favorite from the show. It was one made in the 1940's. Several were used by the postal service as art work for stamps. Also note the amazing names of these remarkable women. 

Let me know which quilt is your favorite!!!

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