Friday, February 25, 2011

I heart Ed Ruscha.

I have a bit of a crush on Ed Ruscha (roo-SHAY).  It's just an innocent art crush really, but I just love his work. I'm drawn to both his paintings and his photography, but mostly his photos. Simple and straight forward.
Some of his photo collections are Twentysix Gas Stations, 1962,  Some Los Angeles Apartments, 1965, Thirtyfour Parking Lots, 1967 and  A Few Palm Trees, 1971
The titles aren't meant to confuse you. In Twentysix Gas Stations, you get 26 perfect photos of gas stations. 

This is my own tribute to Mr. Ruscha. 

Five Mississippi Trailers, 2010

All photos by Erin Austen Abbott
(Please do not reprint without permission)


  1. lovely! especially that last one.

  2. Thanks! That's just a crazy one, in the middle of Oxford. It doesn't make sense.