Friday, December 3, 2010

Yes, please!

Wish List...Gift Guide...Love It All....

                                              *These J. Crew Slippers are just so sweet...
*Hey pretty vintage clutch.... I love them all. 
*Amazing letter pressed coasters by JoieletterPress
*I have written about Julie Swaney before... but once is never enough....
*Hello sweet baby quilt by Pata Pri. 
*Love this packaging.... 
*Ah! This is lovely. By Homako.
*Rose Gold Plated Locket Pin. Love. It. So. Much. 
*This set makes me want to throw a party....  
*For Harriette and Louise, my kittens
Sidenote: The last three things are all by DWR
    *Because you can't have too many pairs of sweet slippers.... 

*For the hip child in your life... 
*Double Shot Camera means double awesome.
*A pretty bag that is just so perfect. 

     *Pendleton National Park Blanket Series is my favorite. 

*Anything. Everything. Is perfect at Totokaelo

*Vintage serving trays... not that I don't have enough of these, but I'm ok with that. 

*Scratch off where you've been in beautiful gold form from UO.
*Who knew that measuring cups could be so pretty? From Anthropologie.
*Love this sweet butter dish from Anthropologie.

 Leave a comment if you found some thing that you wish for/will gift to others. 

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