Friday, December 17, 2010


I like the idea of giving a home baked/made/prepared goodie to close friends or neighbors.
This might just (and I can't really say anything here without making it sound like a really bad pun, but with that said, here goes) top them all...

***Bacon Jam!
The full recipe can be found here...
She has great photos to accompany each step as well.
(Image found at Not Quite Nigella)

***Next up are Maple Cupcakes found at Lonny from the boys at Baked and from their new cookbook called Baked Explorations. YUM!!
(Image found at lonny)

***We all have recipes for Chocolate Chip cookies, but it never hurts to try a new one every now and then. This one comes from The New York Times via ECAB.
Click here for the full recipe.
(Image found at ECAB)

Happy Baking! 

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