Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some light weekend reading

It's Saturday. I have been so behind with things because of two projects I've been working on.
One is done and now it's on to project number two. Both very different, but but equally as exciting.
I can't wait to share them both with you!

In the meantime, I'd like to give you some light reading to enjoy. Eye candy if you will. Some crafting projects as well.

Have a great weekend! I'm in the store today if you want to stop in and say hi! I have some fun new  things to the store. Check it out. And Amy Evans Streeter's art show is still up. Come see her breakfast, vintage inspired art. Yum!

*Rue has been taking over the web the past couple of weeks. And with good reason.
*Oh Hello Friend had a great bridesmaid thank you idea. I think it would work as a hostess gift as well or if you had a small gathering of friends, also a great way to say thank you.
*Next time I throw a party.... Need I say more???
*Myrna May might just have the sweetest needlepoint I've ever come across. Yes, please. (I found this at    Oh Happy Day... photos by Tess Wilson)
*Seeing a wedding like this one makes me want to get married all over again with Sean. How beautiful and vintage!! I love old school school any thing....

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