Monday, October 25, 2010

Loving this... Art, Design and a band I can't stop listening to.

*Loving this color board. And the outfit to match. 

*Loving this house
(via nytimes)

*Loving Coulter Fussell

*A simple idea made better. I think it could work for jewelry, small pieces or art, a great book cover, ect...
Or maybe in a bathroom for a soap dish, tooth brush holder, brush, comb, ect... 
*sidenote- I just thought of these other uses. If anyone tries it, please send me pictures. 
(via poppytalk)

*I have been mildly obsessed with Wayne Pate for far too long now. I think I will order that tote bag soon, but Christmas IS coming up.... I'll start dropping hints now. 

                                                     *I can't stop listening to First Aid Kit.

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