Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bowerbird the shop. Bowerbird the bird.

Hello there!!
I'm so excited about this post.... My two good friends, Kate and Laura, are starting a genius little shop called Bowerbird It's not fully up and running yet, but this will be a shop to come back to often. I can't wait! Well done ladies.

"BowerBird is the lost and found. It is finding beauty in the ordinary and finding the everyday in the extraordinary. It’s the collection of the old, new, vintage, handmade, unusual, and eclectic. BowerBird is a treasure hunt with a happy ending.
Like the male bowerbird who builds his collections in order to attract a lady, we want to make you swoon! Our vision is to create an installation through which to curate a themed collection and encourage you to think artfully with an inspired perspective. 
We invite you to view our collections in their entirety but also to treasure each object individually."- From the Bowerbird website
*Sidenote... read more about the Bowerbird here. They are the most fascinating creatures. 

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