Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blount's Folly

I love a good theme party.
It never fails that these are the parties that allow you to be the most creative.
Well, last week my good friend
PJ Blount of http://bellysweat.wordpress.com/ and known for being a space lawyer
had one of the best!

A 50's style retro dinner party, complete with prizes for best dish, second best dish, most creative and the spirit award for worst dish, but gave it a try all the same.

**Best dish was Shrimp Boats
**Second place was Chicken Casserole
**Most Creative was Caroline Croom (she brought four dishes and was the spitting image of the perfect 50's housewife, popped collar and all) Spot on perfect!!
**Spirit award was the ever so gross Bloody Mary Aspic... The girl gave it a shot and the presentation was amazing!!

PJ and his roommate Dave made fresh squeezed cocktails and had a full bar set up.

And it made it into the paper....

Some of his other dinner parties themes have been
*A Hot Dog Party, where there were prizes for best hot dog as a whole and best topping, to name a couple.
*Caribbean Jerk Style. To this day this might be some of the best food I've tasted.

Do you have a favorite theme dinner party?

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